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Proven Success Model

Are you thinking of starting a lucrative venture, yet confused? A profession that will fetch you a good revenue and minimize the risk factor is what you should be aiming at! The field of education proves to be a successful one. HOW? Education is a part and parcel of our daily lives because the need for people to be educated never ceases.


The education sector is an extremely rewarding industry where the need for learning is always an ongoing process. You can be rest-assured that the students will be with you for atleast 15 years. You are certain about the cash flow, since at the beginning of the year itself you are aware of the expected revenue coming in. This ascertains that the education industry is a stable one. A few facts that support this statement are:

IT IS A RECESSION FREE INDUSTRY: Education in lay man’s language is not a luxury but a necessity in order to be recognized as GLOBAL CITIZENS.

GOODWILL IS A BY-PRODUCT: Being associated with the education industry attracts goodwill. This is one such sector where respect and admiration are earned effortlessly!

CONTRIBUTING TO BUILDING THE NATION: The education industry plays a pivotal role in developing the nation economically and socially. As the old saying goes, “EDUCATION IS THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON WHICH YOU CAN USE TO CHANGE THE WORLD!”

DEMAND FOR QUALITY SCHOOLS IN INDIA: Who would not desire to gain quality education? I’M SURE WE ALL DO! It goes without saying that education has always been a pre-requisite, which secures our future and enhances our social status.

DEMAND VS SUPPLY: Do we know how many government schools and private schools our country has? The graph will surprise you! India In the past 5 years has gained 17 million students in private schools, whereas government schools lose 13 million of them. These show to prove that the demand for private schools is definitely on the rise.

Private Schools gain Students while Govt Schools loose

India has about 1.5 million k-12 schools, out of which 25% are private schools that enroll over 40 percent of students.

Analysis of Private Education

SEGMENTS OF THE EDUCATION INDUSTRY: The education industry is divided into the pre-schools and the K 12 schools. Do all children attend pre-school? Not necessarily! On the contrary, majority of the children go to k 12 schools. Some may even opt for vocational education or undergo tuition and coaching. In higher school, students choose various streams for further studies. The question that arises here is, WHICH SEGMENT ATTRACTS MAJORITY OF STUDENTS? There are a dime a dozen subjects to choose from, which authenticates that the k 12 schools absorb the highest number of students in the education field.

POPULATION EXPLOSION: The demand for quality schools has always been on the rise on account of the growing population. India has a whopping population of 1,342,512,706 and is increasing day by day.

Population Distribution

Therefore, there is a great demand for private schools which groom the children of today to have a holistic education and be recognized as global citizens.

LITERACY RATE: The literacy rate in India has progressed with time. Presently kerala is the most literate state comprising of a literacy rate of 93.91%. Whereas, Bihar is the least literate state with a literacy rate of 63. 82%. These factors establish evidence that today’s generation is definitely an era of knowledge and technology.

Literacy Rate


The motto of Edify rightly states “LEADING YOUNG INDIA”! Similarly, it carves a niche for itself in the realm of education with great pride!

To establish a school and to ensure that it runs successfully is definitely not child’s play! Edify is known for its academic excellence, numerous sports facilities and different co-curricular activities. Teaching and learning go hand in hand. With the use of technology and research, we make the learning process more engrossing for the students.

We render support to our franchisees right from its inception to its planning, implementation and operations. Edify maintains a strong bond between its franchisees and extends seamless services at all times. Our experts in the field of technology, design, content and academics together support all our franchisees at every phase of their operations.

The unique 3C curriculum of Edify that builds a child’s character, competence and content, the Culmination of the IB methodology, play-way technique and imparting learning through research work result in the excellent performance of the students who emerge to be confident individuals in the future! These distinctive features that set us apart from other schools would make it an easier choice to choose Edify as your franchisee!