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Edify School FAQs

MDN Edify Education offers franchisee of Edify School (from Kindergarten to 10 + 2) In 2010 MDN Edify Education opened the door to world class education through Edify Schools Franchisee at making international standard education accessible and affordable to all children.

  1. Edify School Amravati
  2. Edify School Bengaluru Kanakpura
  3. Edify School Bengaluru E City
  4. Edify School Bengaluru Kengeri
  5. Edify World School Balapur
  6. Edify World School Firozabad
  7. Edify School Goa
  8. Edify School Nagpur
  9. Edify School Tirupathi
  10. Edify Global School Perinthalmanna
  11. Edify School Kodungallur
  12. Edify School Mandsaur
  13. Edify World School Jaipur
  14. Edify School Cuddalore
  15. Edify School Patna
  16. MDN Future School Roha
  17. MDN Future School Sindhanur
  18. MDN Future School Sulur
  19. Edify School Chhindwara
  20. Edify School Dehradun
Land Required3 acres & above
Construction Area85-90,000 sqft.
GradesIK 1 to Grade 12
AffiliationCBSE /IB / IGCSE
Student teacher ratio15:01
Investment8 - 10 crores over a period of 5 years
Student strength1640
  • Well planned campus with world class facilities
  • CBSE syllabus supplemented with creative inquiry based learning methodology
  • Temperature controlled, ergonomically designed classroom
  • Ideal teacher-student ratio 1: 15
  • Participation – Learning by doing ( i.e. Experiencing ) If a child participate, he/she experience and if he/she experience it’s easy for a child to learn
  • Excellent library facilities opening the doors to the wonderful world of reading and knowledge. Provision of Resource bank and Research support to students
  • Tours and Visits to places of cultural, historical and environmental interest
  • Faculty members participate in national & international training programme conducted by Edify trainers, CBSE, other education institute and personality development organization
  • HPTM – Home parents teachers meet twice a year. This brings teachers to family milieu, rather than being outsiders, creating friendly and caring environment for the children at school
  • Run on systems and documentation
  • Highly qualified faculty members
  • Parent-Teacher interaction is held every month to discuss education and related issues. A bi-monthly newsletter, “Foot Prints” contains interesting contributions from students and teachers, keep parents abreast with the latest developments at the school
  • Parent’s Fun Day’ a unique programs held every Sunday allows them enjoy outdoor facilities of school for recreation and fun.
  • Online student performance tracking
  • Edify being a national brand students of Edify School across India meet, share and compete
  • Group Interaction: Realized through challenging and fun activities such as quizzes, field excursions, project work, role-play and group discussions that build team spirit and societal harmony
  • Medical facility available in house
  • Psychologist on board of faculty panel
  • Student are graded based on skills through ongoing assessment
  • 3C concept of Education