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Changing paradigms in Education

July 6, 2023

Over the centuries there is an evolution of inventions, thoughts, ideas that led Education to the Next Level. The learning paradigms have also evolved in the Education system.

One of the most important elements that have been worrying Educators around the world with regards to learning is  ”Engaging “. The Capacities, interests, and habits of the students have to be observed by the educators to drive engagement. The imagination in the students needs to improve for the effective engagement that inculcates creativity in the students.

Sir Kenneth Robinson , an Educationist recommends education to be engaging and fruitful has to practice on the following processes:

  • Encouraging individualization in the learning process in which the learner’s choice and engagement are given first priority this enhances the ability to inquire, think and gain knowledge continuously.
  • Involve curiosity in the students through creative teaching methods developing them into creative thinkers

Let’s talk about Essential Skills in the process of Learning in students:

Education should cultivate free thinking in students enabling them to be globalized citizens in the 21st century. Along with the basic skills of reading, writing, arithmetic students needs to be accustomed to being creative thinkers, communicators, inquirers, and risk takers. Problem solving, creativity, analytic thinking, collaboration, communication, ethics, action, and accountability are some of the essential skills that are needed.

How Technology is Changing Education?

With the advancement of the digital medium where technology has created a remarkable change in many aspects of human life and one of them is education. The traditional methods of teaching   has turned to be outdated and exploring the digital world has become mandatory.

  • Usage of technology in education motivates students to gain more learning experience.
  • It reduces the gap between Education and Employment where all Jobs Today need Technological Skills
  • It makes learning more engaging and fun
  • It gives easy access to information thereby gaining more knowledge and making subjects simpler
  • Technology increases the capacity of the students to learn individually

The main purpose of education is to prepare students to be more capable in the ever-changing world and face  the challenges. It constantly shifts in accordance with the changing economic conditions, technological advancements and many other factors that change the condition of life in society and education needs to improve the student abilities accordingly.