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Benefits of Starting an International School Franchise in India

July 6, 2023

The franchise business is a booming in the market. Especially, when it comes to education industry it makes the business outreach exclusively. The Indian education sector offers a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs. Data tells us that 29% of Indians are in the age group of 0 to 14 years. India already has 250 million school going students and this number should see an uptick in the coming days. As an entrepreneur, you would perhaps love to cash in on the urgency of Indians to educate their children and the best option will be to explore opportunities of international school franchise in India. It is not only about education franchise but about taking care of the single individual lives to make their future better.

How does the franchisee concept benefit?

There are plenty of benefits as you apply for an international school franchise in India. The only negative here is that one will have to constantly pay a franchise fee, but that is negligible when you compare it to the range of benefits on offer. Here are the benefits mentioned below.

  • A business takes at least three to four years to break even and it could also be for a school. If you can use the brand name for an international school, the break-even point can be achieved a lot earlier.
  • It is by taking a franchise from a reputed brand, you automatically get the benefits of goodwill, which necessary for a smooth start to your education business.
  • As you take a franchisee it means that you are implementing a tried and tested model. This saves you from having to plan for the school.
  • The parent-school from whom you are taking the franchisee will offer constant support services. They will help in the initial set up and offer all possible assistance in running the operations.

There is no need to spend big on the advertisement

If you have set up a normal school there is a need to tell everyone about the school. One may have to spend huge money on advertising. In the case of an IB school franchise Indiathere is still a need to advertise but on a much smaller scale. You are setting up a reputed school brand and one may just have to communicate with parents on matters such as the address and school timings.

Therefore, one can see that there may be a franchisee free to pay every year, but there is scope to decrease costs in other areas. A reputed school brand will help to turn the operations profitable in a quick time. This is perhaps the most important reason for opting for a franchise and not set up a school alone.

These are some reasons to suggest that if you are planning to set up a school, it will be better to avail a franchisee from any of the top International schools. The operations will see a quick turnaround of profits and nothing can be better than cash flowing in.