Edi-Awards 2018

MDN Edify Education Pvt Ltd. is happy to announce that A Vision-driven school is being awarded to Edify School Kanakpura.

A Vision-driven School award recognizes the Edify School Kanakpura that is strongly driven and abides by the mission and vision of Edify & the school that strives towards the holistic development of its students through its curriculum, pedagogy, record keeping, and various innovative and parent connect programs.

Most Impactful Branding award is being conferred upon MDN Future School Lakhni for their outstanding branding through various mediums that has led to good admissions for an inception year.

Fun School award recognises the school that has demonstrated that Fun is an integral part of learning, making it engaging and productive. This mantra has been followed throughout by Edify World School Balapur.

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